The lovely Annette de Goeij,, is a talented bead embroiderer from the Netherlands. She is also one of the Leaders of the Etsy Team Beaders United: Lilac Time

1.Annette, can you tell us about the wonderful craft of bead embroidery?

Have been in love with it from the moment I first set eyes on a bead embroidered bracelet. I love all those colorful, tiny shiny beads, the gemstone cabs and all the wonderful materials available that you can incorporate into a piece of bead embroidery. The possibilities are really endless….. Party

2. How did you get started? Did someone or something inspire you? If so, who/what?

I was surfing the internet back in 2009 and stumbled upon a photo of a bead embroidered bracelet. Had never seen bead embroidery before, but I loved it and wanted to learn how to do that. Luckily I found someone who was willing to teach me… Hot Pink

3. What would you recommend to someone who wanted to try their hand at bead embroidery?

If possible, follow a workshop first, and learn the rest from books and tutorials. Big Bad Wolf

4. Do you only sell your work on Etsy?

Yes, I only sell on Etsy: Chocolate Cherry

5. You are one of the Leaders of the Beaders United Team on Etsy.  How does your team help you with your creative process?  How can one join?

Beaders United is a team for those that are passionate about the art of beading. We are engrossed with the quality and beauty of all types of beads. We are dedicated to learning, teaching, and promoting this art form to the world. You can apply by clicking the “Join this Team” button on our Etsy team page. Upon application your shop will be reviewed by captain and leaders of Beaders United. Artists that do artistic and creative bead embroidery, bead weaving, loom work, micro macrame and soutache are encouraged to apply. We ask that potential members have a good working knowledge of most beading formats and at least an intermediate skill level.

It’s great to have a team that you can turn to when you’re stuck and need help or advice. There’s always someone who can help you out… Fur and Labradorite

6.  Bead embroidery can be quite hypnotic. What goes through your mind when you sit at your table, creating? What do you need to have in your room that helps your creative process?

When I’m embroidering my mind goes blank, it’s a zen moment and a great way to relax. My room is filled with books, beads, paintings, computers, dragons, fairies, a huge poster of Legolas and of course my dogs. My dogs love being in the same room as me, but my room is small and my dogs are quite large, so there’s not a lot of space left for me J

I love beading, but I love watching movies too, so usually my weekends are filled with beading, watching a movie, drink tea, do some more beading, take the dogs for a walk, watch another movie or a tv series, do some beading again, get distracted by Facebook, bead some more, get distracted by Facebook again, have a glass of wine, do some more beading, chat with my online friends, stitch a few more beads….. Under The Sea

7. Do you know other bead embroiders where you live or do you rely strictly on the internet to meet other artists?

My best friend is a bead embroiderer too, she lives around the corner from me (we followed a workshop together back in 2009). I met a few lovely beady friends through Etsy and Facebook and am certain that one day we will meet in real life. One of them promised me margaritas, nachos and a tour of Dallas, so I’m saving money for a trip to Texas! Black and Gold Pentagram

8. Bead embroidery is time consuming and requires much patience and organization.  Are you an artist who thrives on chaos or order? Is your studio neat or “creatively” arranged?

Order! I can’t stand chaos, my brain explodes when there’s chaos around me Cotton Candy

9. What activities get you inspired to bead?

Beautiful photos of nature, or pretty color schemes in magazines. When I see something pretty and colorful in a magazine, I rip it out to keep as inspiration. I have a big box full of pretty pictures…. My Summer Garden

10. Creative block… we all get it.  How do you deal with yours?

Personally I’ve never experienced a creative block. I’ve never run out of ideas….. Forest Green

11. What Calliopes Attic supplies further your creativity and help your craft?  What would you like to see me carry that I do not currently have?

Carved gemstone cabochons (especially turquoise and matching sets for creating earrings), leather and round or braided leather cord.

 Thank you, Annette!!!!

** As an added bonus, Annette wins the Calliopes Attic contest and she gets 10 dollars worth of supplies (of her choice) free! YAY!***



  1. Annette is such a talented and creative beader so she was a perfect choice for an interview. Hopefully this will inspire someone whose considered trying this art form to take the “plunge” into bead embroidery and find their artistic potential.

  2. I really enjoyed the interview and the images as well. Annette’s work is very beautiful and unusual. I’m eager to check out her Etsy shop and see what else she’s creating! And it’s nice to hear how other people work. I like her description of the progress of her weekends. A bit of personal info about the process other artists/jewelry designers go through is validating for me. Nice format Claudia. Thanks!

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